Whether you are de-cluttering for a house sale, re-decorating your home or office, re-locating your business or travelling the world. We can provide you with the perfect Self Storage Service!

Our customer base is hugely varied. We cater for homeowners who are relocating and wishing to store bulky items, businesses looking to downsize, and online shops that need somewhere to store stock. We get customers from new backgrounds using our services all the time, and we endeavour to tailor our services to meet their needs.

Who uses our services?

  • Relocating homeowners
  • Migrators
  • Homeowners undertaking renovations
  • Students requiring temporary storage between rentals
  • Businesses relocating
  • Businesses down-sizing or expanding
  • De-cluttering
  • Furniture inherited from relatives
  • Archive storage and document retrieval
  • Internet/online business - wholesale stock
Self storage container

We provide the necessary resources for basic self storage and more complicated export packing. We can cater for both small and large storage requirements.

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